Rainbowdragoneyes - Blue Sky

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This dangerous, sinewy and hirsute 8-bit mega champion spends his days intoxicated, bathing in the blood of his enemies and forging molten steel blades of malevolence in the high unholy name of Sha'maoth. Since the year 200X, Eric W. Brown has been bringing countless nations through sheer force to their willing and grateful knees through the relentless and raw power of the DANCE DANCE DANCE.

Rainbowdragoneyes, thought to have been long dead, has been resurrected at full throttle and with maximum torque to cram the catchiest possible melodies into your brain and hold them there as long as necessary. Using a single game boy and the most extreme ultimate thunder of the universe, RDE casts everyone into the lake of party til death for life.


from Blip Festival 2009, released January 1, 2010




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